Clay Active sport socks blog post image. White and black clay active sport sock, sitting down on basketball court. Are Australian made socks better? Clay Active finds that sport socks made in Australia are softer, more comfortable and more durable.

Are Australian made socks better?

Australian made socks may look the same as socks produced overseas, but from working with our manufacturing partner and our customers' experiences wearing our socks, we've learned a lot about the differences in quality. 

Here are the main differences we've noticed in our Aussie made sport socks

1. Australian made socks feel softer.

This is likely because of the higher quality materials in our socks. Our Australian manufacturer uses high quality combed cotton that is two fibres twisted together - this is a more expensive cotton that offers the best durability and strength, while remaining extremely soft and comfortable.

This also means our socks perform extremely well in sport, reducing the risk of blisters.

2. Australian made socks are less likely to shrink.

Our socks are put through a steaming cycle then pressed to pre-shrink the sock and tighten all the fibres. That means they're less likely to shrink in the wash, and they hold there shape really well wear-after-wear.

3. Australian made socks wash well. 

Based on customer feedback, Clay socks just don't seem to go crispy and crunchy despite numerous wears and washes. Other socks tend to harden up and lose their shape. 

4. Australian made socks last longer. 

At Clay Active we've been wearing Clay socks everyday since about September 2019 - still no holes to report. We've received no complaints from customers either. Because of the quality manufacturing and materials plus attention to detail, the socks are proving to be extremely durable and long-lasting.

5. Australian made socks are ethically made. 

Our manufacturing partner is an ethically accredited manufacturer. That means the working environment is top condition, and the workers are well looked after. 

Clay Active sport socks - are Australian made socks better? Founder Dan Ingram with a box of Clay Active sport socks. Article: here's what Clay Active has learnt about socks made in Australia. They're softer due to higher quality materials. They're less likely to shrink. They hold their shape well. They wash well. They've yet to have one whole in any pair sold. They're ethically made in an ethically accredited factory. They're purpose made for sport and extremely comfortable.

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