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Product care

How to look after your Clay socks

Do not tumble dry.

Do not wash light colours (mint, white or yellow) with dark garments - they may darken and discolour.

Use the gentle wash cycle to keep your Clay socks soft.

Do not iron.

Top tips on how to make your socks last longer

Do not leave them on the line in hot weather for a prolonged period. We've tested this - after numerous 45 degree days they definitely might fade. Don't be lazy. 

Guys - if you want your socks to last longer, cut your toe nails. While Clay socks have terry-cushioning generously covering the toe, do yourself and your partner a solid by keeping your toes well manicured for better longevity from your socks. 

You can wear Clay socks without shoes at the gym etc. They're built to handle that sort of abrasion. While there are no holes to report in our vigorous sock torture tests (to this point of writing), playing handball on concrete without shoes may over time result in wear and tear on the socks sole.