Buy Australian made socks

Australian owned and made

Clay Active was started in Camden, NSW. It was created and is ran by Daniel Ingram in Australia.

We're a proudly Australian owned company and most of our range is made in Australia. 

Australian made socks

Clay Active sport socks are Australian made socks. We design our socks from scratch and they're made in Australia to our specifications with our manufacturer in Melbourne. 

The Shapes sport socks boxset were our first Australian made socks. They've been rated 100% 5 stars because of their comfort, athletic performance and style.

Our latest range of Clay Active Australian made socks is the Retro Court series. This range improves on what's worked so well in the Shapes range but adds more padding and cushioning, targeted breathability and a retro design. 

Cotton socks made in Australia

Clay Active sport socks are Australia made and made from Australian dyed combed cotton. 

Combed cotton socks are effective at allowing your foot to stay dry, breathable and anti-blister.