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Clay socks are becoming some of the best sport socks in Australia

We've been selling Clay Active sport socks for 6 months now and have been overwhelmed by positive feedback.

It seems when you buy Clay Active sport socks, you stop wearing all your other socks. You beauty. 

Our customers include competitive athletes, gym goers, ambos, runners, tennis players, personal trainers - all wearing Clay sport socks casually and for training. 

When we first created the Clay Active sports sock we wanted to make a sock you could wear for any and every sport - running, gym, basketball, soccer, league, union, tennis, netball, skateboarding - but also to wear it as a stylish, casual crew sock. 

That's why we're finding out people who buy Clay sport socks are wearing them everyday. 

 Some of the feedback on the socks includes:

- soft and comfortable even after 6 months of wearing. 

- breathable when exercising. 

- comfy enough to wear all day long.

- no holes.

- no blisters.

- quality remains wash after wash. 

Our socks are made in Australia from Australia-dyed combed cotton - that means an extremely high quality, reliable sport sock.