Australian Made sport socks

Australian Made sport socks

Clay Active Sport Socks are made in Australia - they actually come from a factory in Melbourne that is one of the few Australian manufacturers with an Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation. 

We are very proud of that.

In developing an Australian made sport sock we were able to work very closely with the manufacturer to get the sock as durable, comfortable and functional as possible.

We were able to visit the factory, meet the staff and learn the entire process of sock creation and we were super impressed.

The machinery is world-class, their practices are environmentally sustainable and their socks are even hand-inspected before being shipped to ensure the highest quality.

In the end Clay Active is proud to have created a high quality sport sock that is ethically-made and made in Australia. 

Our sport socks are made for the gym, for running, for tennis or any other sport - it's built for athletic performance. And they come in cool colours so you can look stylish. 

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