Best gym socks - why Clay Active sport socks make the best gym socks

Best gym socks - why Clay Active sport socks make the best gym socks

Oi oi.

So we’ve been wearing Clay Active sport socks for about a year now (even the original sample pairs from over 12 months ago). These are officially tried and true sport socks and here’s why they’ve turned out to be the best gym socks.

They look cool AF.

What kind of shoe do you wear to the gym? Converse, Reebok Classic, Nano Xs, Nike MetCons, Vans? Clay Active sport socks match up pretty nice with all these.

But it’s not all about looking stylish at the gym.

It’s not worth wearing a sock that looks banging but your foot’s getting all sweaty and the sock feels heavy. You don’t want to be working out and feel like you’ve got Cling Wrap socks on.

Clay Active sport socks feel feather light. They’re ethically made from combed cotton and have ventilation panels, or ‘performance mesh’, across the top of the foot - and believe it or not this combo works.

Hot day in the gym with no aircon, no problem.

Aside from that they’ve got all the crucial elements of a good sport sock - terry cushioning, comfortable ribbing on the leg.

But best of all they’re Australian made.

Purely because they’re Australian made sport socks, Clay Active sport socks will also probably five times longer than overseas made socks.

Helping the environment and the bank.

And last but not least: whenever you go to the gym you usually want to go grab a coffee before or after - you may as well look a bit stylish while you do both.

Catch ya!

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