Clay Active training socks. Shape yourself like Clay by wearing training socks that make a difference to your workout or running. Buy training socks online that have ventilation mesh and extra cushioning to prevent blisters. A breathable training sock.

Do training socks make a difference?

It doesn't matter how good your running shoes are if your training socks give you blisters or your foot slides around inside the shoe. 

A high quality training sock is essential to best performance when running or working out.

Here's what to look out for in training socks when buying online

1. Material. All training socks will have elastic or synthetic material to some extent - that's what allows them to stretch and retain there structure. However, look for training socks that are predominantly made of natural fibres, such as cotton or merino wool. These fibres are most gentle on the foot. 

Clay Active training socks are made of Australian-dyed combed cotton. 

2. Airflow. Sweat and moisture retention is one main cause of blisters. If your training sock has ventilation mesh, the sock will feel lighter, allow more airflow and therefore cause less sweat while you're running or working out. 

3. Cushioning. Most training are only cushioned on the toe and heel. Clay Active training socks are covered on the toe, the entire foot sole, heel and high up the achilles. We've specifically designed extra generous cushioning for maximum comfort and the highest chance of preventing blisters.

4. Style. Seriously, too many training socks don't look cool enough. If you're running, or working out or playing tennis, you gotta look cool doing it. Keep an eye out for training socks that are stylish, trendy and make you feel confident while wearing them. 

Not only will you feel confident and look terrific while you workout, you can casually wear those same socks every day of the week. 

Clay Active sport socks lavender basketball court. Do training socks make a difference? A good training sock that's made in Australia can be more important than your shoes. Make sure they don't cause blisters, offer ventilation, have plenty of cushioning and use quality materials such as combed cotton or merino wool.

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