Ever tried wearing just Clay Active Sport Socks to the gym?

Ever tried wearing just Clay Active Sport Socks to the gym?

...with clothes on, we mean. Just no shoes. 

Because that's how Clay Active Sport Socks are designed - to be fun, to look cool, and be super comfy and breathable in the gym.

Plus, it's a very light feeling working out in just your socks. And it's often seen as beneficial for deadlifting and squatting - as well as for chin-ups, funnily enough, because less weight.

They're a high quality sock made in Australia so they'll wear well, even without shoes. I've been wearing them for tennis and barefoot in the gym. I've even being wearing them across concrete just to test them out - because why not? They're up to it don't worry about it.

We deliberately built them with extra terry cushioning generously around the toe and high up the back of the heel so they feel soft and cushiony.

And they get their light, breathable feel from the ventilation mesh in two places over the top to help keep your foot cool.

On the fashion side of things we've come out with a range of 5 colours. We wanted colours besides just black and white socks - we've used colours you can use to dress up with when you're not at the gym. Wear them with dress shoes while you're at work or wear them casually on the street.

We don't want you to wear Clay Active Sport Socks only while you workout, we've designed them to wear every day.

So try working out in your socks next time you hit the gym. 

Just don't drop a weight on your toe.

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