Shape yourself like Clay is the philosophy of Clay Active - when you wear our Clay Active Sport Socks you're wearing a well made Australian sock, that's made for any sport, that you can wear everyday but also gives your outfit extra colour and style.

Shape yourself like Clay

Shape yourself is the philosophy of our brand. If you're wearing Clay, you're committing to the idea that you're on a mission to make yourself better.

You're a sculptor and you're shaping your body and your life. 

Because we all have dreams and we're all chasing. But maybe we don't feel like we can achieve them. If our attitude is that we're going to keep improving and keep equipping ourselves with what we need to reach our goals, then one day we will. 

My dream has been to build a business. For most of my life I've felt like I didn't have what it takes, that I wasn't one of the special few who could start a business out of thing air and become a huge success. My first dream was to be a professional tennis player, but all through my tennis years I thought, "I'm not special enough, I'm not good enough, I don't work hard enough". 

The only one of those that was true was that I didn't work hard enough. You don't have to be special, you just have to keep trying, keep working hard and always shape yourself.

What I learnt from that failure is that I can improve and bit by bit I could become whatever I wanted to.

Shape yourself is not just about sport, even though sport has always been a passion. It's about personality and day to day living. 

We shape our minds, we shape our bodies, we shape others around us. 

Clay Active is an expression of that. 

We want to encourage people to be healthy and be active but also to have fun - that's why we've started out with Clay Active sport socks. They're a well made sport sock, but the colour range gives men and women a splash of colour to their outfit and a bit of self-expression. 

We want our active wear to be fashionable, functional, high quality and something different. 

Our Clay socks do just that so far. 


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