Clay Active boxset with shapes logo and shape yourself slogan. Clay Active's shape yourself boxset contains five high quality sport socks made for athletes and designed for style.

We want you to buy less socks

Socks are one of the most commonly thrown away clothing items we own.

Cheap, poorly and unethically made socks are an unsung hero of damaging the environment.

As soon we see a toe poking out, the sock goes straight into the bin. As soon as the sock gets a bit thin, we've been sweating in it or it's gotten dirty we can't do much in the way of recycling. An old sock isn't something we really want to donate, so straight to landfill it goes.

The problem with environmentally friendly socks is that whatever the sock is made from - merino wool, cotton or bamboo - it still needs elastic and usually nylon to allow the sock to stretch but also keep its shape. These materials aren't biodegradable.

So what can we do? Buy less socks.

Instead of buying cheep nasty socks we can buy a good quality sock that will last. 

Clay Active wants customers to buy a better sock and get 10 x the wear out of it. 

That means a sock that is built well and made to last. 

But it also means a sock that you can wear more often for more activities. 

That's why we designed our socks as stylish sport sock - it's made to be a running sock, tennis sock, basketball sock, gym sock, exercising sock, athletic sock. Any kind of training you're doing, the Clay sock can do the hours. 

But we also designed them in stylish colours and with a cool design - if it's good enough to wear for sport and it looks trendy, then you'll wear it everywhere and get maximum use out of it.

So far we've been making Clay socks for 8 months now - with not one hole in any of our socks. Our socks last tremendously well and stay comfy the entire time, wash after wash. 

Clay Active is a sportswear brand that started off making training socks. We're now in the process of designing a training jumper, a recycled sports cap and other products, marking our beginning as an activewear brand. 

Not long after we'll be developing a full range of activewear. 

So keep an eye out! And buy less socks while you're at it.

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