Clay Active sport socks are ethically made socks, made in Australia. They're made in a factory in Melbourne that is ethically accredited, with excellent working conditions and the highest quality materials. That makes them perfect for training and gym.

What makes Clay Active socks ethically made socks?

Clay Active is proud to be able to say our first range of sport socks are ethically made in Australia by a factory with an ethical clothing Australia accreditation. 

You can see our ethically-made socks page here

We've been to the factory in Melbourne, Australia and seen first-hand the cleanliness and sustainability practises that have been proudly put in place. The factory runs a large portion of the machinery using solar and also uses Australian-dyed cotton - that means far higher standards of dyeing and material treatment than overseas countries. 

The factory also ensures excellent working conditions and fair pay for their workers. 

The added bonus factory of producing an ethically-made product such as Clay Active training socks is the higher quality. Our socks are hand-finished and inspected by hand before being shipped to us. 

As Clay Active grows we aim to minimise our environmental imprint and maintain an ethical supply change. As a new business this can be extremely challenging, but nevertheless ethical production and sustainable practises remain high priorities. 

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