What makes the best athletic sock?

What makes the best athletic sock?

Whether you're trail running, playing tennis, basketball or hitting the gym, you need a high quality athletic sock that performs well. 

That means: no blisters, breathability, cushioning, comfort and (of course) style. 

First off, here's an easy tip for how to prevent blisters: when buying a sport sock, make sure the sock has terry-cushioning generously covering the achilles, the entire sole, and the tops of the toes. That means all the high friction points between your feet and shoes are cushioned, preventing blisters.

Even most sport socks don't cover all the way up your achilles, often causing blisters. 

Next up, while cushioning in those areas is idea for sport performance, you want to avoid full-terry socks - these are socks that have cushioning covering the entire foot, top and bottom. This prevents breathability, holds more moisture and makes you sweat more.

Clay Active sport socks use generous terry-cushioning in the optimal areas, but also use ventilation panels in two areas across the top of the foot, making them incredibly light and breathable, without losing durability and comfort.

Clay Active sport socks also use an athletic ribbing pattern in the sock upper, so they'll stay up, feel comfortable and look stylish. 

Clay Active have also designed our Australian made socks in five stylish colours. We want you to be able to get absolute maximum value out of your sport socks so you can wear them every day.

Wear them with boots at work, trendy sneakers casually or even with smart casual wear. 

If an athletic sock is good enough for high performance sport, it will be comfortable for anything else. 

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