Clay Active Retro Court black sock. Made in Australia for on-court performance.

What makes the best basketball socks?

What makes the best basketball socks?

There's a lot that goes into a good basketball sock. Here's what you need to know to choose the best sock.

Basketball socks to prevent blisters

When buying your basketball socks make sure the socks have excellent and extensive terry cushioning.

The cushioning should extend more than most socks and cover the areas of your heal, achilles, sole, toes and also the sides of your foot.

The side of your toes and balls of your feet experience a lot of friction when playing on hardcourt or hardwood surfaces.

The more terry cushioning and the better the quality of the yard, the better your sock and therefore on-court basketball performance. 

We put a lot of thought and work into the terry design of our Retro Court basketball socks, going through numerous samples to make it the best.

We wanted the Retro Court socks terry to be the most extensive and generous of any basketball sock to offer the most comfort and protection against impact and friction.

Breathable basketball socks

As with any sport sock, the best basketball socks will have two components to help your foot stay dry and breathable. 

The first component is the material. They should mainly use a natural fibre such as cotton or merino wool. These yarns generally perform best in keeping your foot aerated and dry. 

The predominant fibre in Retro Court basketball series is combed cotton - a tough, comfortable and proven fibre for competitive sport.

The second component of a good basketball sock is the ventilation panels. The ventilation works to help air circulate through your foot to stay dry but also keeps you cooler and relieves the heat. 

The Retro Court basketball socks have a unique design featuring two ventilation panels on the top of the foot. 

That means thick cushioning on the bottom of the sock, while offering a light, aerated feel on top. 

Basketball socks that last and are durable

A basketball sock will receive a lot of punishment during games and training. The impact and friction inside the shoe is higher than most sports because of the surface of a basketball and the stop-start movement.

The best basketball socks are therefore made well and last well. 

Clay Active's Retro Court basketball socks are made in Australia and are an evolution of our Shapes crew sport socks - a 5 star rated sport sock also made in Australia that's known to be tough, comfortable and long-lasting.

Clay Active Retro Court Pro Boxset. Made in Australia and designed for high intensity court performance.

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