Why I created Clay Active

Why I created Clay Active

The philosophy behind the name Clay Active is to shape yourself like clay - it's about moulding yourself, and treating yourself as the sculptor of your body, personality and life. 

I've always been a sporty person. I was good, but not great enough to make a living from it. Instead I've created Clay Active, a sports brand with a view of inspiring people to shape themselves into what they want to become. 

To me sport and exercise is about becoming healthier, more active and better. But it's also about having fun and being playful. 

That's why I created Clay - and it all starts with Clay Active Shapes Sport Socks

I want people to feel good while they wear Clay - that means high quality exercise clothing that lasts and is functional for any sport or exercise.

I also want people to look good while they wear Clay - men's active wear and athletic clothing is kind of limited and boring. I want Clay to allow people to express themselves at the gym and feel trendy at cafes or in their everyday business wear. 

I want to have more options to wear to the gym than black socks or white socks, blue shirts or dark blue shirts.

I want to wear something that's classy, fashionable and just a little youthful.

I also want to be able to wear it to more than the the gym. I want to wear it everyday.

Clay Active has started with a range of sport socks that are 1) a high quality athletic sock and 2) cool colours with a trendy pattern. Soon we'll add more athletic socks and more products as we grow. 

For now, it all begins with the simple sock - the Clay Active Sport Sock is just a splash of colour to let you express yourself and, of course, shape yourself. 

- Dan

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