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What makes the best tennis socks?

What makes the best tennis socks?

Tennis socks are arguably as important as tennis shoes when competing.

This is Clay Active's guide to the best tennis socks and what you should look out for when buying a tennis sock. 

Tennis socks that prevent blisters

Why do so many of the world's top tennis players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal often where two pairs of socks when they're competing?

The reason is because they want the extra padding, cushioning and support.

Overall, this prevents blisters and creates more support around your foot and ankle. 

There are a few tennis socks out there which are made so that you don't need to wear two pairs - Clay Active's Retro Court tennis socks are one range.

These tennis socks are made from a higher density of cotton (Australian-dyed Cotton) than most socks, meaning you don't have to wear two pairs like most tennis players.

Clay Active socks are also proven to avoid blisters.

Tennis socks with extra padding

Tennis socks with extra padding like Clay Active's Retro Court tennis sock range give all the high impact areas of your foot extra padding.

The cushioning on the sock acts like armour against blisters, reducing the friction between the court, the shoe and the skin on your foot. 

Tennis, like basketball, creates enormous friction inside the shoe because of the relentless stop start movement, small steps, sliding and sprinting.

You can literally feel the heat inside your shoe from this kind of movement, especially on a hardcourt or concrete surface.

The best tennis sock will have more padding in the important areas than other tennis socks.

The Clay Active Retro Court tennis socks went through intense sampling and design to optimise the amount of padding to protect the foot.

Tennis socks with support

Check the elastic component of the tennis sock you want to wear.

There needs to be enough elastic that the sock fits your foot firmly enough - you can't play tennis with a loose fitting sock where your foot will slip around inside the sock, and therefore inside the shoe while you're moving.

Tennis socks with moisture wicking

Tennis is a notoriously sweaty sport - and long. The last thing you need is a build up of sweat inside your shoe. The best tennis socks are moisture wicking.

Clay Active Retro Court tennis socks are one of the best tennis socks because of their moisture wicking ability.

Tennis socks with aeration or ventilation 

The friction happening inside a tennis shoe is another reason you need the best tennis socks.

A tennis sock with ventilation panels or aeration panels knitted into the sock will help airflow throughout your shoe. 

Clay Active Retro Court socks have two large panels of ventilation on top of the shoe to keep your feet cool while playing.

We designed our tennis socks specifically so that the sock is either cushioning your foot, supporting it or aerating it. 

Tennis socks that look cool

Tennis is a stylish sport. Keep an eye out for tennis socks that look cool and work well with your shoe. 

Clay Active Retro Court tennis socks are designed in a retro but timeless style. They're one of the few tennis socks that give you the best performance in a cool a style.

Tennis socks made in Australia

Most of the big brands don't offer a tennis sock that's Australian made. There's a few advantages of Australia made socks:

1. They last longer and are more durable.

2. They're more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

3. Generally better made due to their higher density in cotton.

Clay Active's Retro Court tennis socks are made in Australia and some of the only Australian made tennis socks available.